At Your Service Psychiatry, PLLC is a concierge telepsychiatry practice that specializes in caring for your mental health needs while also offering you superior flexibility in scheduling, delivery, and communication.

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  • $265 Initial Psychiatric Evaluation up to 60 minutes
  • $135 Returning Patient Revisit up to 30 minutes
  • ADHD Clinic Pricing $99/month with further discount with subscription plan

Though we do not take insurance, we will provide a receipt or statement of the services provided if needed after the visit. You may submit that to your insurance as an out of network provider. I cannot take patients with Medicare or Medicaid as self-pay due to the state laws.

All Included:

Our prices already include any letters such as paperwork for accommodations for work or school, confirmation of diagnoses, letters for emotional support animals, therapy animals, for procedures, for acne or pain medications, or medical card diagnosis letter. We provide psychiatric evaluations and letters for bariatric surgery, pain procedures, plastic surgery, and more. The prices above additionally include medication prior authorizations, copies of charts, and consultations to other providers you request.


If you are struggling and are unable to work, we will fill out your FMLA, short-term, or long-term disability paperwork after your visit. Please first verify that your workplace or disability company accepts psychiatric evaluations, treatments, and the follow up paperwork from telehealth or telemedicine visits and from a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

How It Works

To Get Started, you may find an appointment time that works for you clicking schedule here.

Once you find an appointment time, you schedule it, fill in your information, electronically consent for treatment, and pay for the appointment.

You will then receive a “meeting id” via text and email to open at your time of visit. These meetings run like most business or school conference calls on a healthcare-compliant system called Zoom. You may click the button to automatically add them and the reminder to your electronic calendar.

To open the visit, you can also click on the confirmation email or text link from your computer or phone. If you are using your smartphone, you will be prompted to download the free Zoom meeting conference app. This will open up the visit where we will be face-to-face.

If you have any difficulty, just let me know. I can directly text you the link to click on at the time of our appointment and we can begin.

At Your Service

“At Your Service” means we strive to make this experience easy on you and your comfort with technology and preferences.

If you do not see a time that works for you, please text me and we can try to make an appointment at a better time.

If it is more convenient, we can text on the phone and schedule a time together.

If you have additional privacy needs or wishes, and do not want to enter information anywhere electronically, you do not want receipts, please text or call me for our additional privacy measures, my VIP-encryption services, and option for paper charting. This service is for individuals who do not ever want to utilize insurance for this care, credit card, or electronic payment methods.

Committed to You

If you find telepsychiatry is not for you after your first visit, let me know afterwards for a full refund.