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Allison Sikorsky

Dr. Allison Sikorsky, DNP, PMHNP, founder & owner of this telepsychiatry practice. Doctorally prepared board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Specializations in ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar and mood disorders, agoraphobia, and care of the highly sensitive person. “The caregiver’s caregiver” She created this practice with caring for the unique needs of fellow healthcare clinicians in mind. Ten years in psychiatry practice, twenty+ years in healthcare. Treats Adults.

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Carrie Kralicek

Carrie Kralicek, Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, PhD(c), US Air Force. She is a published author and public speaker on the traumas of first responders and their families. She is the spouse of former police officer who suffered a near-fatal debilitating injury in the line of duty. Creator of the FIRST RESPONDER CARE CLINIC. She specializes in PTSD, mood disorders, autism, traumatic brain injury, and ADHD. Seven years psychiatry experience and sixteen years in healthcare. Carrie Kralicek is now available for in-person visits for kids, adolescents, and adults in our new Coeur d’Alene office.

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Carrie’s First Responder Clinic

You know you need some help with the mood swings, flashbacks, anxiety, or sleep.  I want someone who gets it- this life, the job.  I don’t want anyone finding out about me getting help. I can’t have this reported to my superiors.  I need to stay sharp, and I can’t take a medicine that will make me dull or tired or throw off my reflexes.  We understand your need for superior privacy, for medication choices, and that this job will always come with exposure and that is not going to change.  Our First Responder Care Clinic offers you discrete psychiatric and personal expertise in your unique needs and a genuine caring approach.  

After her own experiences and exposure to First Line Responder’s trauma, Carrie developed a passion for caring for those who save others and their families. She serves as a consultant for Injuries in Line of Duty Deaths, a national speaker on the Traumas of Law Enforcement, as a trauma liaison for the Pacific Northwest Concerns of Police Survivors.